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Mt Cotton Drama Group is a small community theatre group in the Redlands (south-east Queensland). The group has been performing plays in the local community hall since 1974.
We perform all sorts of theatre: comedy, drama, one-act plays, mystery, contemporary,
musicals and the famous home-grown plays (those we write ourselves).

We have a ball and so do our audiences. If you are interested in acting or helping out backstage in the plays performed by Mount Cotton Drama Group, please contact us (Contact page). We will notify you when casting or general meetings will be held. New members are most welcome (minimum age 16 years). We also sell our opening nights to community and charity fund-raising groups. Here's an opportunity for you to have a good time and make some money as well.

We now also offer Gift Vouchers, which are good for 12 months (or three productions, in the case of cancellation). So now you can gift a play to people without just handing them cash!

See photos from some of our more recent plays!
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Mt Cotton Drama Group at REDFEST Dramafest

Mount Cotton Drama Group will be presenting the premiere of a new radio play on stage at RPAC on Saturday 26th July, as part of Redfest's Drama Fest.
"Mother Country" was written by Joy Hinckley and is directed by Andy Mathers. The play explores the effect of World War I on a Brisbane family of battlers, and the referendums for a proposed draft in Australia.
"Australia was a young country then, but had already given women the vote," said Joy. "The political role played by women at the time gave an added spur to the suffragette movements in Britain and the USA."
The play details the personal journey of a housewife and her young family in Hemmant, not too far from the centre of things in Brisbane. We invite you to join us in the audience, close your eyes, and be transported back to 1916.
"Drama for the talking wireless" is on at RPAC in Cleveland on Saturday July 26, starting at 10am. Entry is $5 and tickets are available at the door before the show.

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